Cure type 2 diabetes!

Personalized genetically determined program for the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes.

Note: (terms) NIDDM – non-insulin dependent type 2 diabetes, IDDM – insulinic diabetes type 2, IGT – impaired glucose tolerance.

Dear patients, we tested this program on a group of 170 people during 2013-2016, before we decided to present it as a service. The stated terms and results are the results of a long and painstaking work, which proves that type 2 diabetes is not only successfully treated, but also cured. This is confirmed by recent studies (March 2017: “The course of diabetes can be reversed in just 4 months due to a combination of drugs, exercise and proper nutrition – this conclusion came from scientists at McMaster University in Canada). Unfortunately, the absolute majority of patients do not have the slightest idea about the peculiarities of their disease. Therefore, the program consists of two phases:

  1. PHASE
    1. Primary reception, examination.
    2. Active course of training and therapy at the same time, when literally together with you at all stages from: food intake, medical procedures, physical activity from 10.00 to 22.00 is directly the author of the program, the supervisor of the network of clinics: «Equilibrium» Zakharov Yuri and helps to understand the logic all actions, which allows you to completely exclude any errors.
    3. A special blood test is preliminarily performed, which allows to determine and exclude those food products that have extremely adverse effect on the body not only in type 2 diabetes, but also for all without exception, especially after 35 years increasing the level of «internal inflammation», causing autoimmune reactions to the most ordinary, even very useful food. That is, it is about the development of an individual genetically conditioned diet for each individual patient based on objective immune blood tests. As a result, you can eat everything by eliminating only these products, which in turn leads to a physiological reduction in excess body weight without any restrictions in quantity. Excluded for the whole period only alcohol.
    4. Joint study within 14 days of special complexes of exercise therapy for this particular disease without grueling physical exertion, taking into account age and concomitant diseases.
    5. The intake of specially formulated preparations based on plant raw materials (not dietary supplements) manufactured is personified for a specific patient with IDDM and recommendations for the admission of drugs to the pharmacy network (not sugar-reducing tablets) for IGT and NIDDM.
    6. In other words, within 14 days the patient will not only go through an actually active «school of diabetes» and understand at what expense and how to defeat the disease, but will also enter the necessary rhythm, which in the next 365 days will allow reaching the stated (stated) goals.

    7. For IPSD, the spectrum of analyzes is broader in the case of a serious comorbid pathology.
  2. PHASE
    1. Dynamic control (sending out a simplified self-monitoring diary for IGT, NIDDM and detailed for IDDM) weekly.
    2. Performing very simple prescriptions for 365 days at home with medication (pharmacy) for NIDDM, our (give out) drugs for IDDM and passing high-tech care programs in «Domodedovo» or stationary / outpatient programs of cell therapy (different methods of cell therapy, requires conclusion of the contract).
    3. Achievement of stated goals and lifelong medical check-up (optional).

the presence of complications and concomitant diseases:

Consultation of the supervisor:

for IGT, NIDDM: 9,700 rubles (Moscow)
for IDDM: 1 000 Euro (Moscow)

Cost of the whole program:

For IGT 1 000 Euro (at the rate of purchase of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, payment in rubles for checking account.
For NIDDM 2 000 Euro
For IDDM from 500 000 rubles, depending on the severity of concomitant diseases, complications, age.

Analyzes are performed in any laboratory, one of the most accessible: st. Samotechnaya 5. See the video about the new laboratory technology (USA) in our TV project: «Common sense with professor Yuri Zakharov»


From 1 to 14 NOVEMBER
10 to 24 JANUARY

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