Judicial decision to protect the honor and dignity of the scientific leader Zakharova Yu.A.

Dear patients, over the past five years I have tried not to respond to custom and defamatory messages on various Internet portals, while the degree of absurdity has not exceeded all mental limits. The fact is that most ordinary people simply do not understand that different Internet communities, whole profile social networks and «professional» sites dedicated to medicine and diabetes are just an organization of really 1-2 people (usually relatives) who are trivially profiting on trusting patients reselling consumables and pumps, being in the closest contact with producers. All the rest of the activity in the form of a reposition of all known scientific news in the world of diabetes creates the illusion of the involvement of thousands of patients who support such activities in a virtual form. More than half of these characters do not exist in reality. Unfortunately, my calls to the administrators of some sites did not find a response, not only because they were somehow interested in it, it turned out that some are generally registered and their servers are physically located (which violates the Russian legislation) outside of Russia, and the owners do not citizens of the Russian Federation and do not even know the Russian language! Some «professional» communities consist of only one endocrinologist, 1-5 patients and hundreds of fake characters, where «activists» themselves ask questions and themselves answer them. A special niche in this process is occupied by all kinds of Funds that have databases of real patients and periodically arrange massive «charitable» actions writing off billions of rubles for this, not forgetting oneself. Naturally, to counter this army of paid trolls with powerful financial and administrative support is difficult. For some time I tried to just ignore the nonsense, which periodically had to read about myself. But everything has boundaries, unfortunately, there are organizations that have crossed even the broadest boundaries of morality and decency. Since the beginning of activity in 1999, we have not had a single judicial or other claim and when competitors began to write blatant slander and monstrous lies had to be reacted. We will continue to fight against such manifestations. Sincerely, Yury Zakharov.

The judgment in the attachment: The decision (the operative part)