New methods of therapy

«Managed honeymoon period» method (see patent of the Russian Federation) allows you to prevent the development of an autoimmune response against the beta cells in people with high genetic risk of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (next of kin), especially HLA-DQA1 / DQB1, besides the INS gene (marker-23HphI) and PTPN22 (R620W marker) and has already begun to block the autoimmune response in patients with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes/

In addition to achieving stable compensation, normalization of carbohydrate metabolism and prevention of complications:

  1. Combined immunotherapy (strictly in day hospital or hospital center conditions, performed in the Kingdom of Thailand PERSONNICATED IMMUNOTHERAPY
  2. restoration of normal activity of the endocrine part of the pancreas and immunity (control of glycated hemoglobin, C-peptide, autoantibodies to insulin, isoforms of glutamate decarboxylase with a molecular weight of 65,000 and 67,000 and phosphotyrosine phosphatase);
  3. in the case of normalization of the level of glycemia and metabolic processes in the body, restoration of the basal C-peptide level to the norm, reduction of autoantibody titers, increased intensity of CD95 expression and a decrease in the intensity of CD95L expression on lymphocytes (special studies), absence of complications and emerging systematic hypoglycemia conditions, dosages of exogenous insulin, including, if necessary, until the complete elimination of insulinotherapy (this condition is very similar to the state of the «honeymoon» with that being that persists for years (currently 10 years) and was called: managed honeymoon period»). We draw your attention to the fact that the Internet has a lot of false information about us and the methods we use. This site is the only official website. We place the results in the form of summary (intermediate) analyzes in dynamics. If there is a desire, these tests can always be checked – the form number, date and laboratory are saved except for patient data. All video reviews posted on our website are reviews of real people who are or were at the time of recording in the official contractual relationship. We will be happy if the «critics» can repeat (reproduce) similar results. If you are guided by published «reviews» on all sorts of forums – ask for a photocopy of the contract for rendering services and a person’s passport, which is called «our» patient, we work only by bank transfer, all obligations are legally registered, we do not have blogs and pages in social networks. This applies not only to negative, but also positive feedback! If you encounter someone who calls yourself our patient, ask them to show a contract and a passport.
  4. We have been working since 1995. Over the past six years, we / our partners have no negative dynamics (there are no patients who do not have the effect of the proposed therapy), in the case of treatment of type 1 diabetes in children and adolescents, except for two cases (systematic neglect of our recommendations over a long period and the systematic use of alcohol and drugs).
  5. In severe cases, special corrective measures are additionally recommended (there are restrictions) «Special programs»

This is achieved by:

  • more careful approach to differential diagnosis of diabetes, not only with the maximum possible study of the HLA genotype, but also markers: -23HphI (rs689) of the gene INS and R620Wagen PTPN22.
  • in a number of cases, on the background of cell therapy with autologous stem cells, an experimental model of extracellular regulation (by EMR) leading to endogenous stimulation of insulin in B cells by increasing the expression of the group of peptidic catelicidin LL-37 peptides. Fraser Scott (Canada)
  • the use of a pharmacological drug used in clinical practice for a long time in the territory of the Russian Federation, (certified), which has a soft, controlled autoimmune-regulating action so that it practically neutralizes the destructive reaction of its own immunity to B cells. (Confirmed by the scientific group Nepton S. (Toronto) and the «transforming» duct-lining precursor cells into alpha, and then into beta-like cells (Mechanism studied by the research group of the Institute PAR INSERM France
  • using a new generation of domestic equipment, introduced into the register of medical equipment and having the appropriate certificates to achieve rapid compensation and active treatment of complications of diabetes mellitus, directed stimulation of betatrophin in the liver (recommended for strict indications)
  • prevention of an autoimmune attack of HLA on (capsid protein 1 (VP1))
  • active control with the help of the approved in Russia and used for more than 10 years, the pharmaceutical preparation controlling the level of TXNIP
  • strict control of a way of life, a food, a level of a glycemia,
  • an individual approach to the therapy of diabetes mellitus (in addition to substitution therapy